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The Top 6 Ways to Get Better Product Reviews

Top 6 Ways to Get Better Product Reviews

Testimonials and product reviews might be one of your most profitable strategies. Over 70% of customers say they read product reviews before making a purchase, and over 63 percent say they’re more inclined to buy from a website that includes product ratings and reviews. Through methods of ensuring customers are happy with their purchase, social evidence may comfort reluctant buyers, provide more context, and reduce returns. Are you ready to build your brand to establish major social proof, and inspire trust in your company? Here are some e-commerce SEO tips to help you go above and beyond with product reviews and customer testimonials.

Put your reviews in the spotlight.

Consider including a few evaluations on your site. If you have reviews for specific products, add them to each product’s page. You might even create a brand new web page solely dedicated to displaying excellent testimonials, with a link in your top navigation. Just make sure you place them on your website in a way that makes sense for your product.

Join the same social media platforms as your consumers.

Being sociable and useful is a great way to gain honest feedback. Make your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts easily accessible from your store so customers may contact you with comments and queries. If you have a physical location, you’ll also need to have Yelp and GMB.

Follow up with the purchasers

Consider sending a thank-you email to customers after they’ve made a transaction. While the purchase is at the front of your mind, you’re most likely to obtain product reviews. Check out Bigcommerce app partner Yotpo to automate this process, which not only makes it easier for you but also makes it easier for your customers. Remove as much friction as possible between your demands and their ability to write a review.

Give your consumers a cause to leave a product reviews

It might be as simple as sending a personalized thank you card, but that gesture can go a long way in making your clients feel warm and fuzzy. Digital Factory is one of those exceptional companies that goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the packaging on Instagram.

Make contact with those who provide you excellent testimonials

Thank you if you’re aware of a glowing review on Yelp or a highly tagged percent on Instagram. Man Crates performs an excellent job of following up on and publicizing positive evaluations. You may also request permission to share their shoutout on your website or social media outlets.

Better Product Reviews for excellent testimonials

Make contact with people who have left you unfavorable feedback

Ignoring them will not cause them to flee. Try to respond to negative reviews, especially if you believe the reviewer is valid in their criticism or if other customers have complained about the same issue. Use this opportunity to learn more about your consumers and improve your business.

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