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Is your business website responsive and mobile-friendly?

Is your business website responsive and mobile-friendly?

Google recommends mobile-friendly responsive websites for improved visibility and better search engine optimization results. Responsive websites adapt their content to display according to any device’s screen size and also render faster, thereby becoming search-engine-friendly and visitor-friendly.

How to find out if your website needs to be upgraded?

1. If your website was built 5 years back, you might want to consider an upgrade.

2. If your website fails to adapt to the screen layout of the device you use to view it on and requires you to zoom in order to read/view it’s content.

Why should you upgrade or build a responsive website?

1. Increasing mobile user stats every year only mean increase in viewing of websites on mobile devices.

2. Google, Bing and almost all search engines recommend building mobile-friendly responsive websites for better speed and search optimization listings.

3. Responsive websites load faster and are ranked better by search engines.

4. Better listings and rankings generate more leads for your business.

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