And right now, it needs you! It's Blue. Green.
Wanted to be an astronaut. Then a pirate. Now an astro-pirate!
Mia’s adventure: To get all her classmates to say NO to plastic straws.
We’re in a Race to ZERO
and we need YOU!
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We are on a mission to raise a generation of Eco champs. And we can't do that without you.

Global Warming. Climate Change. Plastic Pollution.
The problems are many. 
But so are the solutions.
Together, we can raise better kids for our planet, and leave a better planet for our kids.

Eco-learning should be an infotaining, funderstandable adventure.

At Kat Kid Adventure,
we inject eco-learning into the everyday.
From clothing to curriculum.
From bag to board games.
From school to social-media.


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